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  Do you need help right now? I can remotely manage your computer if it is online and runs Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, or Vista. Click Here to download my remote access software. Save this file to your desktop (or other known location). When you run this file (usually by double clicking it), it will open a connection to my computer and I can take control of your computer. Talk to me before you run it, I like to know WHO's computer I am working on, and what I need to do to help.

WARNINIG: More boring details ahead: This should work if I am at home or my shop, but I would need to make special configurations if I am anywhere else. I am using UltraVNC SingleClick for this, it works rather well for remote access. This program on your computer will attempt to open a connection to whatever IP Address I happen to be at, and if I am at work or home, I have the port forwarded to my main computer, so I will get a popup asking if I want to take control. If I accept, I can then control your keyboard and mouse from my computer, and see your screen (it takes time for it to send me pictures of your screen, so I may not see what you see for many seconds, depending on our connection speed). I can also transfer files to or from your computer. If I close the connection, or you close it, the program on your computer exits and isn't running anymore, you will have to run it manually for us to connect again. With this program, the only way I can control your computer is for you to run the program that initiates the connection. For some of my customers I need to initiate a connection from my computer, and so we install a program on their computer and configure their router to forward ports so I can have remote access, if you will require this level of assistance we will need to discuss the situation to make sure this is the appropriate technology.

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