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  Generate your own passwords!
I've been using a tool called SuperGenPass (visit website).

How It Works: Basically, you have a secret master password. Using this tool, you enter your password (either by typing or have it saved in the bookmarklet), and it generates a random-looking password based on that and the website you are on (so and would be different, but and would be the same). When you enter in your password, it uses javascript to make the 'hash', and so your master password isn't being sent to any website.

Security: It uses MD5 for it's hashing function (MD5 is a one way hashing algorithm, meaning it generates a different code (which is 32 bytes long) for just about any amount of data you send it (practically speaking). MD5 has had a few security vulnerabilities, but the way it is used here is as safe as I think it can be at this point in time.). I use it, I'm changing my login at every site to be a hash from this program. I recommend it!

I am mirroring the needed files to make bookmarklets here, in case the creators website goes offline.

Generate Passhash for a website
Create a 'bookmarklet'

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