This is my old version of my website. I am now adding new content only to my new website, this is only an archived version of my old site for reference only. Click here to visit my new website.

Here is my chat interface, messages you send get sent to me via GoolgeTalk, which I almost always have running. If it says I'm Online then I am in front of or near my computer, send me a message and I will probably respond (once in awhile I forget to plug in my speakers so I won't hear the new chat sound GoogleTalk plays for me). If it says I'm away from my computer then I might be a few feet away and will come running when I hear my Google Talk make a sound, or I might be far away and not be able to answer. Send me a message and try it out. If it says I'm offline, then you message will be held in the que and I will see it when I again return to the information superhighway. If it says I am busy then I probably am and won't be able to respond.

Here is my Plugoo version of chat (which I've used for months now), it works well.

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