This is my old version of my website. I am now adding new content only to my new website, this is only an archived version of my old site for reference only. Click here to visit my new website.

  Airin's Remote Support - You can download this small program which lets me watch your screen while we troubleshoot.

Airin's Short Link Generator - This lets you change long URL's into a short link which is easy to e-mail, etc. Links will normally be saved for at least 1 year in my database, although I don't plan on deleting any links.

Free tools (some from me, some I found online).

Online Encryption - This online tool allows you to encrypt/decrypt text with a password...

Online Password Generator - This is how I make all of my online passwords now, I do recommend you take a look at this tool!

Here I am testing a customized Google Search, which is supposed to prefer technical results....


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