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  If you are trying to make a payment to Airin's Computers online, click here to make a payment. I am using PayPal for my credit card processing. When you make the payment here, you will be transferred to PayPal's site. They way their service works, I will never see your Credit Card or bank information, PayPal acts as the middleman, I see your name and address and receive the payment. This makes it quick, easy, and safe for both you and me.

Does you computer need a cleanup? All computers do now and then. Some just need to get the dust blown out (examples). Some need to have the hard drive tested (which helps it make sure it's fit, mapping out any bad sectors, checking it's reliability), defragged (reorganizing data on the drive to make access quicker), or cleaned up (such as removing unneeded programs, deleting temporary files, scanning for virus's, etc).

    Computer Repair:
We can help with just about any problem. Power supply on the fritz? Computer running too hot? Virus' running rampant? Spyware keeping tabs on you? Fan's sound like a jet taking off?

Does your computer seeemmm jjuuusstt aaa llliiiitttlllee ssslllooooowwwweeerrr ttthhaann iitt sshhhoouulldd? Want a faster CPU? More memory? Bigger/Better/Faster Hard Drive? A new vicious Video Card?

    New Computers:
Since computer technology changes so quickly, I don't keep much inventory of stuff that gets outdated quickly, otherwise I'd be having to charge a higher price for outdated technology. However, I would be happy to help you get your dream computer. I can help you pick out a specific Dell/Gateway/HP computer, or help you to design your own... Come on in, I have many computer magazines you can browse through and pick out what YOU want.

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