This is my old version of my website. I am now adding new content only to my new website, this is only an archived version of my old site for reference only. Click here to visit my new website.

  Click on my e-mail address to send me an e-mail.

You can reach me at my office phone: 808-217-8060. If I don't answer, leave a message, it gets delivered to my e-mail inbox so I will get it as soon as I get back in front of my computer, wherever I happen to be.

If I am available, you can chat live with me over the Internet. If I am away from my computer, I will see your message when I return.

You can come visit my shop in person, click here to find out where we are, and click here to find out when we are open.

If you need to mail something to me, below is my address for deliveries via the US Postal Service:
Airin's Computers
P.O. BOX 411
Mountain View, HI 96771

And below is my address for deliveries via the UPS, FedEx, or DHL (do NOT use this address for USPS, they do not deliver here):
Airin's Computers
18-1314 Old Volcano Road Suite 4
Mountain View, HI 96771

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