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  The text below is taken from a flyer I have on the front of my shop. I really do recommend anyone who is worried about Security to listen to the Security Now podcasts. They have given permission for people to copy the mp3's and give them away, I have the complete collection downloaded and can burn them on a CD for you (in MP3 Format). The versions I have downloded are the lower quality 16 Kbps versions, just so that they fit on a CD, and we are using more than 550MB so far so after a few more months it will take more than one CD to hold them all.

Free Wireless Internet here just connect to 'FreeWifi-AirinsComputers'
Please note that the connection speed is limited, some protocols are restricted, I may block ports or users if I have reason to, abusers of this free service may be banned, too much abuse and I may stop offering this free service.

I have not put any security on this wireless connection, otherwise you would not be able to access it without talking to me first. And once I gave the password out, there would only be the illusion of security since someone with the password may be monitoring traffic, and so be careful what you send over any wireless connection that is not your own, and even then you can only trust it if you have good security setup with a good password. Be careful even if you are using Ethernet, it is possible for someone to still see traffic on most Ethernet networks. If you want to learn more about security, go to and listen to the podcasts, especially #29 which tells about how almost any network is very unsecure just because of the way our current networks work.

Unless you are using a VPN, most e-mail traffic is not secure, with the notable exception of GMail If you check it with , if you don't start with that URL your username and password are secure, but while you are reading your mail it is NOT secure. If you use Outlook or Thunderbird to check your mail, if it's using GMail then it is secure, ALMOST ANY OTHER MAIL PROVIDER IS NOT SECURE!!!


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