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December 18, 2008Cool GamesSnake TroubleThis has the best graphics of one of these snake games I've ever played... kinda fun!
August 28, 2008Cool VideosElectric Race CarVery fast car!
August 27, 2008Cool PicturesStairsLots of stairs!
August 26, 2008Cool SitesNasa ImagesThis site is where Nasa is starting to consolidate all of their media. Lots of neat images here, and much easier to find that it used to be!
June 25, 2008Cool SitesHawaii Food ResourcesA good site to know, you can see which restaurants use more local foods, what brands of food are island-grown, etc.
June 24, 2008NewsInformationThis is a good little article about education in foreign countries, and the advantages it could have over using bombs. As I write this I am in the Philippines, 2 days ago my friend and I installed 3 ceiling fans in a local school. Within 5 minutes of being in the room we were drenched with sweat, when we were done the cool area was like paradise. I know those kids will have a much better time studying, it's hard to learn if you are very uncomfortable. Oh ya, and the kids here are super polite, they have very few problems, more like the US schools maybe 50 years ago. At $30 a pop, these fans would do a lot of good here!
June 23, 2008InformationWhat happens in your body when you drink sodaAn interesting rundown on what actually happens inside you when you drink a coke.
June 22, 2008ShoppingAirWater MachineThis machine extracts water from air, up to 5 gallons of water per day. It also cleans that water, so this is a water cooler than you never need to refill! Not yet available, but it looks pretty cool!
June 21, 2008Cool SitesTranslate to L33t!h3R3 1Z 4 k3Wl s173 7H47 l37z J00 7r4nSl473 73x7 1n70 L337. J00 k4n S3nd S0M3 73X7 wh1CH 1z Kw173 4 817 h4Rd3R 70 r34d 7H4N n0rM4l 73X7, 1 Uz3 17 n0w 4nd 7h3n Ph0R 1M 0r S3nD1N' 3M41lZ. l07z 0f pHun! ***TRANSLATION*** Here is a cool site that lets you translate text into L33t. You can send some text which is quite a bit harder to read than normal text, I use it now and then for IM or sending EMails. Lots of fun!
June 20, 2008Cool VideosGlassShattering the strongest glass, it also describes how Tempered Glass works.
June 19, 2008Cool VideosAirplane getting hit by lightningThis is a ver nice video to watch, considering in a few days I'm going to fly into a city that the weather forecast has Thunderstorms predicted. :)
June 18, 2008NewsNorth Pole without Ice?Interesting, the North Polar Icecap may melt this summer? That's big news!
June 17, 2008Cool SitesGoogleTalk to real PhonesThis FREE service lets you call people in about 30 countries and talk as much as you want for FREE. You also get a virtual number that they can use to call you. You do have to add their phone numbers to your list before you can call them or they can call you, but this is free international phone calls to landline or cell phones! Very cool.
June 16, 2008Cool VideosBalloon MimeFunny.
June 15, 2008Cool VideosJerome MuratA cool video of a French Mime doing his thing.
June 14, 2008Cool VideosNot a happy catThis doesn't look like a happy cat.
June 13, 2008InterestingPets afraid of Washing Machine?Keep reading on the page, lots of people have posted their stories. I've been reading them all. I've had a lot of laughs (some of which I feel a little guilty about it). I recommend you read them.
June 12, 2008Cool VideosCase Tape 347Alien craft crashlands... fake? :)
June 11, 2008Cool VideosGirl Spins on EscelatorFunny little clip.
June 10, 2008TechnicalQuick and easy access to SysInternals programsMicrosoft bought SysInternals, since many of their utilities are much better than Microsoft's for tracking down problems. This site lets you download them very quickly and easily. procexp.exe is great for seeing what's running, much more information than Task Manager, and it lets you track down what a process is actually doing and where it's running from...
June 9, 2008Cool VideosChristmas Crab InvasionThis is a cool video showing millions of crabs in their annual migration. I would love to see this in person.
June 8, 2008Cool SitesRasterbatorThis site lets you upload an image, or link to one on the web, and it will slice it up and let you download it as a PDF sliced into as many pages as you want. You can then print them and you have a poster size from a few feet wide to wall-sized. A pretty neat program. There is an online version AND a downloadable version.
June 7, 2008Cool SitesPicLensThis is a very interesting plugin for your webbrowser... it lets you view certain sites in 3D, such as YouTube... no ads, no distractions, just videos. And you can see dozens and dozens, just click one to start it playing... pretty cool! Looks like it's compatible with IE, Firefox, and Safari.
June 6, 2008Cool SitesBored? Watch grass grow!You might have to be pretty bored to find this interesting...
June 5, 2008Cool SitesRifflet.comThis site lets people upload their ideas for songs. You can choose from several different licenses. An interesting idea.
June 4, 2008Cool VideosSamsung Commercial - Optical IllusionsThere are some interesting effects in this...
June 3, 2008Cool VideosMore slow-motion videos...I love these slow motion videos... someday I will have a camera which can do it!
June 2, 2008Cool VideosKate Nicholas And Gin on Britain's Got TalentThis is a very talented dog!
June 1, 2008Cool SitesRoz SavageShe is attempting to ROW ACROSS THE PACIFIC! She left San Francisco days ago and is on her way to Hawaii and then to Asia. How crazy is that? There is a GPS feature so you can track her progress as she rows and rows and rows....
May 31, 2008Cool SitesReadTheWords.comThis is an interesting site... You can type (or paste) text and it will create an MP3 file you can either download or embed on a webpage. You can pick from some different voices. A very interesting site, my tests have been fun, but the voice isn't perfect (by any stretch). It's still fun!
May 30, 2008NewsTomato of the SeaGrowing tomatoes in salt water? Cool!
May 29, 2008MiscPhone My PhoneThis site lets you call your phone now or schedule it for whatever time you want in the future. You can do this to have a wakeup call. I haven't used it much and don't know how reliable it is, but it seems to work well. If you misplace your cell phone and don't have another phone to call it with you can use this. Don't use it for prank calls!
May 28, 2008ShoppingHack your Canon CameraThis is interesting, this is a project that makes an alternate OS for many Canon cameras. It adds quite a few features, looks like it would be very nice. The only problem is I have an Olympus camera, not a Canon... I almost want to go search eBay for a good deal on a supported camera just to try it out...
May 27, 2008ShoppingCombyoThis is a deal aggregater, it searches many other deal sites. I've barely used it yet but like what I see. Great for hi-tech stuff, ok for lots of other things too.
May 26, 2008Cool LinksHow to remove most of the seeds when cutting up a watermelonJust what everyone should know...
May 25, 2008ShoppingeBay - Ghost Hunt/Hunter/Hunting 5 MP Digital Camera Infrared!This camera has been modified to see ghosts... A few months from now this ebay link will not work any more, but search eBay for "infrared ghost" and you can find a similar one.
May 25, 2008Cool SitesGoogle TranslateThis site lets you translate websites or text from one language to another... They just added an auto-detect-language feature so you don't need to know the source language (which is handy). It works pretty good, but it's not perfect.
May 24, 2008NewsMars landing very dangerousA story about the Nasa Phoenix on it's mission to Mars...
May 23, 2008Cool SitesAmazon's DVD Release ScheduleThis page shows you what movies come out every week on DVD, and easy way to see recent releases and see when the next good movie comes out.
May 22, 2008Cool VideosSeeing Sound WavesTurn your speakers down a bit, this gets kinda loud... Pretty cool.
May 21, 2008ShoppingSomethingStoreA good place to buy something, $10 with free shipping. You don't pick it out, it's a randomly selected item... Great birthday presents (well, 50% of the time they probably are).
May 20, 2008ShoppingDouble Lidded JarHmmm. A jar with a lid at both ends. Strange.
May 19, 2008Cool VideosAn Engineers guide to CatsFunny video.
May 18, / faxFree fax service online! You can send and receive faxes for free online on this site. I haven't tried it yet but will be testing it in the near future, it looks like a cool system.
May 17, 2008Cool SitesFontStructThis is an interesting website, you can create your own font, for free, and download it. I played with it and it's kinda fun!
May 16, 2008ShoppingInfinity Goldfish AquariumThis aquarium is a big loop so fish can swim around and around and around... if Goldfish really do have a short-term memory then they might have a lot of fun with this, always swimming into the unknown...
May 15, 2008NewsWinter the dolphin gets a prosthetic tailNot just for Humans anymore!
May 14, 2008Cool VideosMagnets are fun!I do love magnets...
May 13, 2008Cool VideosInvisible Ink PrinterThis is a cool hack, now you can print on paper with invisible ink... All you need is a UV (blacklight) to see the ink!
May 12, 2008TechnicalBoolify SearchThis site lets you build a Google Search, using AND, NOT, and OR. You build the search visually, and you can click the link More Results to see the full Google Search. If you are new to Boolean logic, this can help you understand it.
May 11, 2008Fun StuffConvert FLV to MP3This site lets you specify a link to a FLV file (such as a YouTube video), it will then let you save the audio as an MP3. You could find a documentary on there and save the MP3 and listen to it... some people (so I hear), do this to music videos to save the music...
May 10, 2008ShoppingPower Strip with Wattage MeterThis is a neat power strip which monitors power usage. You can check it and see how much power you used (in devices plugged into it) in the last hour, day, week, month, etc. You can plug your Refrigerator into it and see see how much power it uses in a week, etc. I don't have this, I use the Kill-A-Watt meter myself, it's a bit cheaper but only has one outlet and isn't a surge protector. Pretty cool.
May 9, 2008Cool VideosMacbook Air / Lenovo VideoHere's a neat commercial for a Lenovo laptop... It could be called a Parody of the Mac Book Air.
May 8, 2008Cool VideosSelf Reassembling RobotA neat video clip of several robot clusters that join and work together. Someday they will work better, thankfully it will be some years yet before Skynet activates...
May 7, 2008TechnicalWindows XP Service Configuration and OptimizationThis page lists all services installed in XP by default, and which ones you can safely turn off. You can save well over a hundred megabytes of memory and speed a computer up quite a bit with this info.
May 6, 2008Fun StuffHome Simpson - drawn using CSSThis is an interesting demo of a program someone wrote. You can give it a jpeg photo and it will generate the CSS code to show it on a webpage, not in an image, using CSS code. OK, so this may be more interesting to Techie people like me, but still... There is a Bush example up there too...
May 5, 2008Humor Computers and CarsThis isn't true, but it's still funny.

At a recent computer expo,Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated, "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25.00 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon."

In response to Bill's comments, General Motors issued a press release stating: If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving cars with the following characteristics (and I just love this part):

1. For no reason whatsoever, your car would crash twice a day.

2. Every time they repainted the lines in the road, you would have to buy a new car.

3. Occasionally your car would die on the freeway for no reason. You would have to pull to the side of the road, close all of the windows, shut off the car, restart it, and reopen the windows before you could continue. For some reason you would simply accept this.

4. Occasionally, executing a maneuver such as a left turn would cause your car to shut down and refuse to restart, in which case you would have to reinstall the engine.

5. Macintosh! would make a car that was powered by the sun, was reliable, five times as fast and twice as easy to drive -- but would run on only five percent of the roads.

6. The oil, water temperature, and alternator warning lights would all be replaced by a single "This Car Has Performed An Illegal Operation" warning light.

7. The airbag system would ask "Are you sure?" before deploying.

8. Occasionally, for no reason whatsoever, your car would lock you out and refuse to let you in unt i l you simultaneously lifted the door handle, turned the key and grabbed hold of the radio antenna.

9. Every time a new car was introduced car buyers would have to learn how to drive all over again because none of the controls would operate in the same manner as the old car.

10. You'd have to press the "Start" button to turn the engine off.

May 4, 2008TechnicalGoogle Search with Date LimiterThis link opens up a Google Search with Date Limiter box. You can search for items Google has found in the last day, week, month, etc. Google hides the date box by default, but this link forces it to be displayed. Pretty cool if you need more recent searches.
May 3, 2008Cool VideosSuper Water Slide StuntsCool video clip.
May 2, 2008Cool VideosTransparent Laptop ScreenThis is a cool video clip, showing a prototype transparent display for a laptop...
May 1, 2008Cool VideosSlow Motion VideosSome video clips of animals in ssslllooowww motion....
April 30, 2008ShoppingGold Plated Macintosh LaptopVery nice looking, but a little out of my budget....
April 29, 2008Cool VideosIf my nose was running money....A funny little song... funny... :)
April 28, 2008Cool VideosBubble CityAn interesting video clip...
April 27, 2008Cool VideosNailed at 9This first little part of this clip is very good... the rest is just an advertisement for the show.
April 26, 2008Cool VideosRobotic RestaurantThis place has no waiting staff, you order on a computer and and your food follows tracks down to you. Neat little video.
April 25, 2008Cool SitesMapJackThis is a cool street view mapping service. They only have images of San Francisco at the moment... They have some cooler features than Google. This link takes you to the performance area of Pier 39, I was there in December of 2006 and watched a juggler do a little show on the stage. Enjoy. Click and drag the image to move it around.
April 24, 2008NewsChina's Instant CitiesA nice National Geographic article about Chinas booming cities.
April 23, 2008Cool VideosNo Pedals on this TricycleHeres a tricycle that you have to run to make it go (or use the magical force of gravity).
April 22, 2008TechnicalSony XP Drivers for Vista LaptopsThis page has many XP drivers for laptops that only come with Vista. Sony doesn't support XP on new computers, but if you need XP, this page might help you achieve it.
April 21, 2008Cool SitesApril Fools!If I worked in a cubicle environment, this would be a good joke!
April 20, 2008Cool PicturesA very cool looking modded car...This car looks pretty cool.
April 20, 2008ShoppingCasio EXILIM Pro Digital CameraThis has to be the best camera ever made. It has a feature where you can click the shutter button and it will capture 60 pictures in the next second so you will get that perfect action shot. It has another feature which is lets you go back in time a second or two (if you missed the perfect shot just rewind and it has it!). It also has high speed video capture (1200 fps). This means you can take one second of video and stretch it out to 40 seconds of smooth video... you can drop a knife on a water balloon and watch the water drops slowly fall... I want this camera. I can't afford it, but someday I will have a camera with these features!
April 19, 2008Cool VideosPigs Bladder Poweder will Regrow Fingers?This is an interesting video clip... True or false?
April 19, 2008Cool VideosCat and a CrowWow, who would have thought they would have ever seen this?
April 19, 2008Cool SitesRobot NameCreate your own robot name on this site. Airin stands for Artificial Intelligent Repair and Infiltration Neohuman.
April 18, 2008Cool GamesTwinsAn interesting version of Bejeweled...
April 17, 2008Cool GamesBubble ShooterBubble Shooter. Fun.
April 16, 2008Cool Games3D FroggerRemember this old game? Here is a partial 3D version...
April 15, 2008Cool GamesBalloon Target PracticeTarget the baloons....
April 14, 2008Cool GamesBejeweledThis is a fun little game, line up 3 jewels in a row to score...
April 13, 2008ShoppingCell Phone RetransmitterThese devices pick up and retransmit cellular signals, acting like a micro cell tower themselves. You could set up the building model and you and your neighbors would have much better cell phone reception. Pretty cool.
April 12, 2008Cool VideosDogs best friendAn automatic Tennis Ball Shooter. A dogs best friend.
April 11, 2008Cool SitesBellavista's Biodigesting Treehouses Are Endor on EarthThis is a very interesting project. In Costa Rica they are building a village entirely in trees. They do have high speed wireless internet, and some very cool looking houses. It looks like some are still for sale, too bad they are out of my price range.
April 11, 2008Cool GamesDaeda GameAn interesting little game, I used to have a somewhat similar board game...
April 11, 2008Cool GamesGlopJSA fun little game... This version allows you to rotate the blocks to put them back together... try to get as many of a single color next to each other before clicking on them.
April 10, 2008Cool SitesOpen Source 3D printer that replicates?It can print itself? AWESOME! Well, sorta, but a 3D printer would be very cool to have.
April 9, 2008Cool InfoPlastic Tote BagHave a lot of extra plastic grocery bags, and lots of free time? Make one (or more) of these!
April 8, 2008Cool VideosMini RC Mico AircraftIt hovers, flies around indoors, it looks like a lot of fun!
April 7, 2008Cool SitesUFO HouseThis is a cool looking house.
April 6, 2008NewsSolar Roof Tiles SoonThese look like these would be a good idea, especially here in Hawaii where electricity costs almost 5 times as much as Idaho...
April 5, 2008ShoppingIP Hardware KVMEvery Techies dream. Using a few of these, I could plug computers I'm working on into it at my shop and control them from home, EVEN if Windows won't boot. Very cool. Most other people don't need it, but it's still cool. Need to control a computer at a remote location? Works with any PC based system (Windows, Linux, not sure about Mac?) with a USB keyboard and/or mouse.
April 4, 2008Cool VideosMicrosoft's MySongA neat program Microsoft is working on, you sing a little tune to the computer and it generates your musical backup.
April 3, 2008Cool SitesGoogle predicts the futureGoogles new search technology aims to predict internet content, stock prices, and more, about 24 hours in advance. Very cool stuff!
April 2, 2008Cool SitesLife in the 1500'sThis page tells about life in the 1500's, and how some of our common phrases started back then. A fun thing to read, it's only a couple pages.
April 1, 2008Cool SitesPaper Lampshade Ever wanted to make a paper lampshade? This site has all the instructions you need!
March 31, 2008Cool Games3 Player Chess?This looks cool. I've always liked chess, and am pretty good at it. Anyone want to challenge me (in a normal 2 player game?)
March 31, 2008Cool PicturesBonfante GardensThese are some of the coolest trees I have ever seen. You have to see them.
March 30, 2008Cool VideosSuper Water FilterBy the inventor or the Segway scooter, looks promising!
March 29, 2008LocalHilo average temperatures and rainfallThis graph shows the average temperatures and rainfall month by month.
March 28, 2008ShoppingSlash-Proof Armored TeeInteresting... clothing that looks pretty normal, and yet can protect you against a knife? Pretty cool. It's sad that something like this had to be developed, but for anyone at high risk, it may be a wise investment.
March 27, 2008News$18,000 Shower? Only in first-class on an airplane...Well, I supposed at that price I will have to limit myself to a couple showers per flight... Oh well. Crazy rich people.
March 26, 2008Cool VideosABB FlexPicker RobotsThis machine is very fast and accurate, odds are something you have eaten was moved by one of these...
March 25, 2008GamesComputer is psychic?The computer can guess your number... can you figure this out? It's all math, with a touch of mythology thrown in... If you want to know how they do it send me an email and I'll give you some hints...
March 24, 2008Cool VideosPancakes for your faceA cool stop-action video clip, this must have taken a long time to make!
March 23, 2008TechnicalDoNotReply.comThis is an interesting site... Apparently a lot of people have put in fake return email addresses in their email client, and include something like . This means that if your email bounces OR the recipient replies then it is sent to whoever has myname on the domain name will RECEIVE that message. This may not be a big deal for personal mail, but when a big company like Capital One and dozens of other banks do it, they are willfully sending very private information to this domain name. Any IT person who enters ON PURPOSE a reply domain that they don't control (or at least an email address under their control) should be FIRED immediately, no if's, and's, or but's. That would be like Bank of America sending out financial notices and putting as their FROM address. My email is a catch-all so I WOULD receive all bounced mail or any reply a customer sends (and usually they don't remove the included text so I could read it all). Bank of America would never use as their FROM line, but dozens of other supposedly secure financial institutions and hundreds of other websites have. Check out the blog on this site to read about some stuff he receives...
March 22, 2008Cool VideosBIG DOG RobotThis is a very neat robot, it has very lifelike movements. Very cool. I could see this as being the template for a new Mars and Moon rover, it could cover a lot of area pretty quickly. Be sure to watch this!
March 22, 2008Cool SitesYou are Pre-Approved!Tired of getting Credit Card offers in the mail? I sure am. Thanks to Popular Science, I found this site which lets you opt-out!
March 21, 2008Cool SitesGoogle MoonYou can zoom into the moon, see craters, where our ships have landed (or, if you are one of THOSE people, where Nasa SAYS they landed... not that there is anything wrong with that, and I've read some compelling evidence, but I've seen more evidence showing we did land on the moon so that is my current belief). Anyways, enjoy!
March 20, 2008Cool SitesGoogle SkyThis is very cool, you can explore the sky, stars, and planets using the Google Maps interface. Lots of fun. Enjoy!
March 19, 2008NewsAn AI 4-Year Old in Second LifeInteresting... If you haven't heard of Second Life, it's an online 3d virtual world. I've played in it a little but didn't find it very fun.
March 18, 2008Cool SitesAviaryAn interesting site which has online image editing... It has some cool features, is very interactive. It allows you to create patterns, and has some other very interesting stuff. There are some cool videos showing it in action. It's currently by invite only, it took me about 4 days before I received my invitation. I have several invitations available so if anyone wants one send me a request. Aloha!
March 17, 2008NewsCasino insider tells about securityVery interesting... I've stayed in Las Vegas a couple times, lost some money gambling (just a little), it's definitely an experience...
March 16, 2008TechnicalFirefox 3 Beta 4This is the beta 4 version of the new Firefox... It has some neat new features, I am using this version full-time now and I do like it. It has some good improvements over Firefox 2.x. Check it out.
March 15, 2008NewsMacBook Air confuses Airport SecurityWhen I'm traveling I like to carry as little as possible, and so an ultralight laptop has great appeal. This can cause issues if the people in charge of security don't know how to determine what new devices really are....
March 14, 2008IdeasExtra Credit: Save the WorldKids write in with their ideas on how to 'Save the World'.
March 13, 2008Cool VideosHomemade Slime in 5 minutesThis looks like a fun project. Maybe not all that useful, but lots of fun.
March 12, 2008Cool VideosEtch-A-Sketch ClockThe title says it all.
March 11, 2008NewsHigh Tech Cowboys of the Deep SeasTrying to save a tipped ship and it's contents. A nice story, rather long.
March 10, 2008Cool VideosRussian Jet fighter SU-30This jet seems to be VERY maneuvers in ways I haven't seen jets do before...
March 9, 2008Cool VideosAnimator vs AnimationOK, so it might not technically be a video, more of an animation, but it is still funny. And it shows a little of the hard work that people go through to make these kinds of things, an animation like this isn't something you make in a couple days, it takes lots of time. Enjoy!
March 8, 2008Cool VideosLightning in a BlockThis Popular Science article shows how they make a lightning sculpture in a block of Acrylic. The Video clip is very cool. Check it out.
March 7, 2008Cool VideosMinesweeper: The MovieA funny spoof of the game minesweeper... (which if you don't know is a simple logic game which Microsoft includes with Windows)
March 6, 2008Cool VideosAlmost all 2008 Superbowl AdsSome of these are quite funny...
March 6, 2008Cool SitesEncyclopedia of LifeI've been watching this project for many months, and just found out it is now live. It's goal is to be a single resource for lots of information about all types of life found on our planet. Very cool.
March 5, 2008Cool VideosMagic Trick - Cups and BallsThese guys (Penn and Teller) show you how it's done...
March 4, 2008Cool VideosStar wars according to a 3 year oldA quick description of the movie...
March 3, 2008ShoppingPropane bottle refill kitThis lets you refill your little Coleman propane tanks for stoves. You can save a lot of money compared to buying new tanks for every use. And it's just a good idea to recycle anyways.
March 2, 2008Cool PicturesYummy FruitsThese look very good... well, some of them.
March 1, 2008News100 MPG Air Powered Car in US next yearThis will be very cool if it does come out...
February 29, 2008NewsConfessions of a BART FartistPG-13 - Hmm.. What else can I say? I don't (currently) condone or practice his methods. But I still couldn't stop reading. Oh well.
February 28, 2008NewsStar Wars Guide to the CandidatesA StarWars guide to the current political US Candidates...
February 27, 2008GamesSporeI've been watching this game for about 2 years now, I'm happy it is getting close to release. It comes out in early September. I will be preordering it, stop by my shop and give it a go when I get it!
February 26, 2008TechnicalUse iPod to copy music from your Desktop to LaptopHere are the instructions from Apple. I've had quite a few people ask me how to do this so I thought I'd post a link to the official instructions. This will show you how to copy your music collection to your ipod and then retrieve it on a different computer, you usually use this if you have your music on your desktop and now want to move it to your laptop. Uh huh.
February 25, 2008NewsGo AirlinesAsleep at the wheel? Both the pilot and copilot fell asleep? And drove, err, FLEW, right by their destination? Hey, they are on Hawaiian Time!
February 24, 2008Fun StuffGoogle EarthThis is a neat program which lets you explore the globe with satellite photos. They have VERY RECENTLY added high quality imagery here on the Big Island, it seems to be about 1.5 years old here in Upper Puna (much better than Microsoft's maps, which are about 3.5 years old). This new imagery isn't yet available on GoogleMaps, when it does show up I will modify my Satellite Maps page to use Google by default since it will have higher resolution.
February 23, 2008ShoppingPizza Hut CouponsIn this URL is an embedded zipcode at the end... Apparently, you can change it to other zip codes and find better or worse deals, any coupon you print seems to work at any store... Click here to see the post where I found out about it at, it has links to lots of good codes...
February 22, 2008Cool VideosiBandFirst iPhone band?
February 21, 2008Cool VideosYoungest Baby Beatles Show - Hey JudeCute. He can sing better than I can. Very good considering he probably doesn't know english.
February 20, 2008Cool VideosLittle Girl GiantThis is... well, just a little bit creepy...
February 19, 2008LocalUnworthyA local band that a friend of mine is in. They play here on the Big Island. Hi John!
February 18, 2008InformationLetter to College Board Asking For Clarification/CorrectionsHere is a post from Michael Robertson, where he raises some serious questions about the overall financial future of College graduates VS High School graduates. Interesting, informative, enlightening, etc.
February 17, 2008Cool VideosHawaii ChairInteresting... Only about $300, looks like fun...
February 16, 2008Cool PicturesTopiary Sculpture ArtSome neat artwork...
February 15, 2008Cool PicturesPencil ArtVery cool sculptures, if a little too sharp.
February 14, 2008GoogleGoogle ReaderThis site lets you aggregate data from many websites into it. I use it to keep updated on news, technical stuff, funny pictures, etc. All the important stuff. If I get a couple requests for it, I will provide a RSS feed of my Link of the Day and Pic of the day, so that you can get them delivered automagically in your Google Reader. Send me a note if you want me to do this, as of now, nobody has requested it.
February 13, 2008Cool PhotosDubai artificial islandsWow, these are some big islands... The Southernmost one, from the South West side to the far North East side is about 5 miles...
February 12, 2008Cool VideosHow It's Made - Snack CakesYummy.
February 11, 2008Cool Sites10 Sci-Fi Technologies we could buildIf they weren't so expensive.
February 10, 2008TechnicalTrueCryptTrueCrypt has now released version 5, which fully supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also offers full disk encryption, meaning if you computer is stolen nobody can recover your information without your password. I've been using a version of it on my laptop for years, I'm going to be upgrading to this new full disk encryption in the near future. If you have sensitive data on your computer (which I would define as something you wouldn't want a thief to know), I would highly suggest encryption. Don't forget to secure your backups also. I've worked with several people, helping them to secure their computers using encryption, I can help you out also. Don't wait until you have a data leak before you start protecting yourself, by then it may be too late.
February 9, 2008Cool PicturesSharkbelly Pictures - CaveSome neat pictures of a cave in Fern Acres.
February 8, 2008Cool VideosGoogle Maps is EvilVery cool...
February 7, 2008Cool SitesDealipediaA site which tells about deals with companies, who made the money, etc. Interesting... It's very new, so not very complete yet, but is getting better.
February 6, 2008Cool VideosMagic SandThis videos shows what Magic Sand is and how to make it... Looks like an interesting experiment.
February 5, 2008Cool VideosKDE 4.0 PreviewThis is one of the main GUI's for Linux, this shows some of the new features which are available...
February 4, 2008Cool PicsLots more cool picturesThis site has lots of more pictures, click Fresh Pics at the top, then you can pick a category on the next page.
February 3, 2008Cool PicsAmazing Hand Painting ArtSome very cool hand painting here....
February 2, 2008GadgetsSuper FlashlightThis flashlight is so bright it can burn paper, fry an egg... Warning: Don't look at the light! Very expensive, but if you need a REAL flashlight, this is it.
February 1, 2008Cool VideosMegatech Avion RC PlaneA neat little remote controlled plane you can fly inside your house... Pretty cool, I want one!
January 31, 2008NewsCutting back on the InternetOne of the few ways to slow down the internet is to cut the cables...
January 30, 2008Cool SitesCmabrigde UinervtisyAoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
January 29, 2008Cool VideosStar Wars 3 - A Lost HopeThis is a Parody of Star Wars... (WARNING: I would rate it at PG-14, has a little bad language in it), I've always been a star wars fan so it was still entertaining for 7 minutes.
January 28, 2008Cool SitesFacebook - AirinAnd this is my Facebook page. I don't have many links or friends on here yet, if you are on Facebook add me as a friend. Like my photo?
January 28, 2008Cool SitesMyspace - AirinsComputersOK, this is my myspace page. I haven't used Myspace much yet, but if anyone else here uses it, add me as a friend so it doesn't look sad that I only have 2 friends on there so far... I have posted a couple entries in the blog there, one describing a strange dream I had awhile back...
January 27, 2008Cool VideosDolphin plays with bubble ringsThis is a pretty cool looking video...
January 26, 2008Cool VideosTop Ten Superbowl Commercials for 2008I wonder what 2008 will bring... I don't really watch the football game, but it's interesting to see what many many Millions of dollars in ads brings...
January 25, 2008Cool VideosSurvivorman - Off The GridThis guy talkes about how he built his house completely off the grid. This is the same guy who has a show on the Discovery channel where he shows how to survive in many different environments, I've watched quite a few of them. Interesting. Very long (over an hour long), but interesting.
January 24, 2008LocalKea'au Natural FoodsOur local health food store. Lots of good stuff, including my favorite yogurt, Brown Cow brand Cherry-Vanilla, you have to try it! Cream at the top, fruit at the bottom, but start eating a bit before you mix it up...
January 23, 2008Cool SitesI'mInLikeWithYouThis is kinda a strange site... it's mostly a social networking site, but I've always like the game Tetris and these guys have the game Blockles which is interactive (play with other people live online!) and also addicting... very addicting... You do need to create an account to be able to create or select a game to play... or send me a chat message and I'll make a game and invite you (then you don't need an account). It also has special items you can use, such as adding lines or removing lines or clearing the screen... You choose to use them on yourself or someone else.
January 22, 2008NewsMacBook Air - AlternativesHave you seen the new Macbook Air laptop? It's very cool. I'm going to post a link to a Google Video today describing it. It is a very nice thin laptop. This news article shows some PC alternatives. Good stuff.
January 22, 2008NewsBuried Volcano discovered in AntarcticaInteresting...
January 22, 2008ShoppingMacBook AirA video clip showing off the new MacBook Air laptop. A super thin and light laptop. Very nice. Thanks Apple!
January 21, 2008ShoppingCoolest GadgetsThis site has thousands of gadgets on it. This link takes you to the card that can run underwater... Pretty cool. Be sure to check out the other categories they have also, they have some neat stuff (category list is on the left hand side of the page). {Coolest-Gadgets, car, underwater, drive}
January 20, 2008NewsWalmarts Bad FlipFlopsThis page documents how someone bought some cheap flip flops at Walmart and for months lives in agony with chemical burns on their feet... Kinda scary.
January 20, 2008InformationPolyphasic SleepThis is a very interesting subject. Polyphasic sleep is basically sleeping more than once per 24 hour, usually of a much shorter duration. This guy is doing 6 naps of 25 minutes each evenly spread throughout the day. I've been reading all of his blog entries on it (be sure to read Days 8-11, 19-20, 21, and 23-24. And ESPECIALLY day 60). I've mostly decided I am going to attempt this in the near future. If I do this, I will need to close my shop for half an hour around noon, so if I do that soon then you know why. {sleeping, polyphasic, naps}
January 19, 2008ShoppingGelaskinsSome very cool gel coverings for laptops, phones, ipods, etc. Some very cool designs...
January 18, 2008NewsHuge New Palm Found -- "Flowers Itself to Death"Interesting article about a plant which spends all it's energy in making flowers to propagate... Like most species I guess, except for some humans...
January 18, 2008Cool GamesScrabulousThis is basically online Scrabble. You can play by yourself, or find some other people online to play with. If I was a bit better it would be more fun, but I did get stuck and had to cheat to continue playing..
January 17, 2008Cool VideosSand Fantasy - Love 2008A very cool sand art video. I wish I could draw like that. A very talented artist.
January 16, 2008ShoppingMagicJackThis is a cool device, you have a computer with high speed internet and plug this into it. You then get unlimited phone calls in the USA (and parts of Canada and Europe) for the great price of $20 per YEAR. It costs $40 for the first year including the hardware. I have not tested this yet, but I will be buying one soon. You can't beat that price. It has a phone jack on on the side so you just plug in any normal telephone into it, you could even wire it into your house wiring so all phones in your house use it instead of the local phone company. Again, I haven't tried it so don't know how reliable it is yet. If anyone has tried it, let me know what you think.
January 16, 2008Cool VideosWhopper FreakoutThis is a neat video showing how angry people get when told that Burger King discontinued the Whopper. I found it interesting, even though I am a vegetarian and have never ate a whopper before.
January 15, 2008Shopping$2500 Tato Nano CarA $2500 car? Now that's a deal. Looks cool too, I hope they start selling them here in the US.
January 15, 2008TechnicalComputer Memory GuideThis guide tells you how to tell the difference between many types of memory. There are some tricky factors so a guide like this is invaluable.
January 14, 2008Cool SitesKona WebcamThis is a neat webcam that someone put up. You can control it with pan/tilt/zoom. It zooms way in, I saw people standing on a ship in the harbor. Very cool.
January 14, 2008Cool PicturesPyramidsThese photos are of Leo Laporte's family trip to Egypt. Leo is an excellent podcast creator, he has lots of podcasts that I listen to every week. His 12 Megapixel images of the Pyramids are some of the best I have ever seen.
January 13, 2008TechnicalChangeDetectionThis site lets you specify a webpage, and they will e-mail you everytime that page is updated. This very handy, I use it to watch some sites which are infrequently updated so I know when there's something new and it is time to revisit.
January 13, 2008LocalFacebookHere's the multi-million dollar website Facebook. I haven't used it much yet, or any other online social network. For anyone who wants to check it out, here's the link to the local Hawaii group. If you join, add me to your Friends list. Direct link to my profile.
January 12, 2008Cool SitesSomething AwfulThis site has lots of Parody, Comedy, and... something else. This link takes you to the Photoshop section, where people have modified images... There are some cool ones in there. Site has lots more stuff like news, movies, games, etc. Just about anyone can find some part of this site to waste an hour exploring..
January 11, 2008PhotographsPhoto.netThis site has tons of nice photos people have uploaded.
January 10, 2008Cool VideosWhat song is this?You have to listen to it all, you will be able to figure it out about half way through... That took some time to memorize that song... Pretty cool, or a big waste of time?
January 10, 2008Cool SitesOddCast Text to SpeechThis is a neat site, you can type some text and the computer animation will speak it, all online. You can pick from several languages and voices.
January 10, 2008TechnicalCircuits for the HobbyistThis is a neat little site, they have diagrams for lots of neat simple electronic circuits you can make. I've only made one of the ones found here but it works great (I made the Dark/Light Activated Relay)
January 9, 2008Cool VideosWill It Blend?This is an interesting site... They use their industrial strength blenders to blend all kinds of stuff (marbles, iPhone, dolls, toilet plunger, rake handle, glowsticks, etc). It satisfies that urge to blend stuff in your blender.
January 9, 2008TechnicalSynergyThis is an interesting little program. You install it on multiple computers next to each other, and you can move your mouse from one to the next. Your one keyboard can work with multiple computers at once, even when the other computers run DIFFERENT OPERATING SYSTEMS! You can have, say, XP, Vista, and Mac OSX. Very cool. Freeware!
January 8, 2008Cool SitesShoe Lacing MethodsThis site shows you lots of different methods for tying your shoes. Some very cool looking lace styles here... {shoes, lace, lacing, tie, knots}
January 7, 2008Cool SitesRandom Picture FinderThis site lets you view random images via Google Images. It makes up a common filename cameras use and searches Google for you. You can see all kinds of random images people have put online.
January 7, 2008TechnicalMDGx Max Speed - Windows tricks and secretsThis site has TONS of tricks and info about all versions of Windows. There is so much it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's not very easy to find what you want, but there is a lot of good info here!
January 7, 2008TechnicalComputer ZenThis page has a list of TONS of very good programs for power users. Lots of them are freeware, and the ones I really like I will add links to my site.
January 6, 2008ShoppingGet A Human when calling on the phoneThis site tells you what buttons to press when you call a company's phone system and get trapped in the computer voice prompts. Especially good for those people who get really frustrated with the annoying voice telling you everything about stuff you don't care about.
January 5, 2008Fun StuffWorld ClockThis is a neat page, it shows approximate world population, births, deaths, and lots of other stuff. Check it out.
January 4, 2008Cool PicturesDark Roasted BlendSome interesting and strange pictures... This site has lots more stuff like this on it... Good for a few smiles.
January 3, 2008TechnicalVector MagicThis is a cool service, you can take a picture (which is a Raster image) and this site ONLINE converts it to a vector image. You have some control over the conversion. The output quality is EXCELLENT! I used it to take a photo of my sign (Airin's Computers), the size of which wasn't very big. I then vectorized it, and it looks pretty crisp and clear at 10x bigger than the raster image. Lets see, a clearer way to put it... You can take a little picture of something (things like logos or signs with less than hundreds of colors) can be changed so they are clear when they are much larger.
January 3, 2008ShoppingCTR-350 Cellular Travel RouterThis router connects to a Verizon USB Cellular Wireless Internet device. It then broadcasts internet via 802.11b Hotspot. Using this, and the Verizon service (somewhere around $60 per month), you can share the internet connection with multiple computers. I helped set this up for a customer here and it works flawlessly, he has been using it for a couple months with no problems. If you are using the Verizon wireless service, and need to use it on more than one computer, this is the way!
January 2, 2008ShoppingInverters R UsHere in Hawaii many people live off grid. If you have a serious system, you probably have a big inverter like a Trace. If you have a smaller system, then a smaller inverter may be what you need, these guys have them. They also have Full Sine Wave inverters, which give very high quality power.
January 1, 2008TechnicalScriblinkThis site lets you doodle online (drawing stuff), and you can invite other people to collaborate with. I've used it a few times to draw some sketches while on the phone with someone, it helps to see what each other really are thinking about.
December 31, 2007Cool VideosTenori-On SynthesizerThis is a very cool device which lets you make music. I think I could make some music on it that wouldn't make everyones ears bleed, and it looks like it would be lots of fun. Too bad it's $1200 now, but that should come down with time. Very cool.
December 31, 2007WeirdDestroy my websiteI recently found out about this site, it lets you apply some fun effects to a website (Thanks to Leo Laporte for mentioning it on your tech podcast). You can click through and see it on my site, but at the top of the page you can type in the URL to any site to see the effects on other sites..
December 30, 2007Cool VideosA normal day for a very lucky guy...A neat video clip, what if your day had dozens of one-in-a-million things happen to you...
December 30, 2007EducationPeriodic TableI've always liked Science, this site has an awesome Periodic Table. Someday I want to get one of these posters. I have a printout I made of the Periodic Chart on my wall, but it's just a black and white one I printed, this is a very nice poster.
December 29, 2007ShoppingInkjet PrintersIs your printer lying about when it's ink cartridge is empty? At close to $8,000 per gallon, every drop counts! Click here to visit the Slashdot article which has lots more interesting commentary on this.
December 28, 2007Cool VideosWater VortexNeed I say more? This is just cool! And the fact that they use magnets (I love magnets) makes it all that much cooler!
December 28, 2007News30 Years of Star Wars Christmas CardsSome of these are pretty cool... Then Again, I've always been a Star Wars fan, I've read most of the books (even the kid ones!).
December 27, 2007Cool FlashAmazing Expanding UniverseA song with some info about the dimensions of the universe...
December 26, 2007SearchGoogle SuggestI've been using Google Suggest as my home page for a couple years now, I love it. You have to try it to experience it, but as you type it shows similar things other people search for. As a Tech it's great for typing in error messages, but it also helps you spell hard to spell words. I recommend it to everyone for your homepage!
December 25, 2007NewsCheap Solar PanelsLooks like cheaper solar panels are coming, this company (Nanosolar) is planning on $1 per watt solar panels.... Here in Hawaii, current prices are more like $6 per watt. At $1 per watt, a lot more people could afford to use them.
December 25, 2007News12 Year Glow PaintThis is some cool paint, it glows for 12 years (actually longer). It looks like it's glowing because of Tritium. I used to have some Tritium 3 in some glass tubes, and yes, it does glow, not as bright as a glowstick but then again it glows for years without recharging. It is radioactive, but they are only Alpha particles, which means the glass or even a piece of paper stops them. It still could be dangerous if ingested... Anyways, it's still cool!
December 24, 2007TechnicalFirefox 3.0 BetaThe new version of Firefox is getting closer to being released... I think it might be close enough that I might start using it now. Right now I'm running with Firefox 2.0.11 (currently the latest version). If you are still using Internet Explorer I would recommend you switch!
December 24, 2007TechnicalTech Support NightmaresHere are some technical support nightmares, be sure to read "Come Again?"
December 23, 2007WeirdAirin as an ElfThis video clip will probably stop working in the first week of January... Thankfully. I'm just putting it here so I have a link to it, I don't think anyone would actually want to watch me dance around dressed up as an elf making a fool of myself, just skip this link and go to the next one.
December 22, 2007Cool VideosHuluThis site lets you watch some TV shows online, legally. You do need high speed internet. I've just watched some old Doogie Howser, and I might try to catch up on the Pretender (I always liked that show). Lots more there too. You do have to get an invitation, it took me about 2 weeks before my invitation came. Quality is pretty good (great compared to most other online video), only a few 15 seconds commercials per half hour show, much less than real TV. Nothing to download, all online. Pretty cool!
December 21, 2007ShoppingSuper-Bright 24 LED Tap LightA 2-pack for $9... Not sure what shipping is, but I've ordered lots of stuff from this company and shipping has always been reasonable (to us here in Paradise AKA Hawaii). Looks like a cool light, I wonder if it really works...
December 20, 2007WeirdGas BlenderGas Blender? Interesting...
December 19, 2007Cool VideosIM FightThese guys are having a high tech gradeschool fight... A bit funny... and sad...
December 18, 2007Cool VideosRobin Williams plays new computer game 'Spore'.This looks like a very cool game, I think I will be purchasing it when it comes out (March 3rd, 2008). And Robin Williams is always funny, combined, you have a hit.
December 17, 2007Cool VideosMy name is LisaQuote: "My Name is Lisa" is a short film about the Alzheimer's Disease, which is one of many serious and scary diseases still without a cure. Alzheimer's causes gradual memory loss. : Endquote
December 16, 2007Cool VideosTrain Snow PlowingVery cool, well, cold. As neat as this looks, I think I want to stay in the tropics in the winter. I spent about 18 hours on a train last December, traveling through snow country, although I don't think we were plowing the snow...
December 15, 2007Cool VideosSkyscraper Laser GraffitiHow about writing on buildings with a laser...
December 14, 2007Cool PicturesWorth 1000This site is very cool, I've spent more than a couple hours here in the past few years... Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cool pictures, most modified... Check out "Sliced and diced", "Supersize It", "Unauthorized Far Side Tribute", "Animal Crossbreed", "Animal Mix & Match", "Animal Proportions", and "Bad Medicine 2" is pretty good too...)
December 14, 2007Cool PicturesBugs with Saws?Need I say more? This is almost worth1000...
December 13, 2007Cool VideosMini RC HelicopterNow this looks like fun, I'd love to get this for Christmas!
December 12, 2007ShoppingSwiss Army Knives on saleAmazon has some pretty good deals on Swiss Army Knives... I pretty much only deal with a few brands for pocket knives, Victorinox, Wenger, and Leatherman. I have about a hundred of various models I bought used, and it's rare to find me without one in my pocket... Even so, I see a couple models here I could use... One thing I do like about Amazon is many of their products have free shipping if shipped from them directly and your order is over $25. I buy lots of stuff from them.
December 12, 2007NewsBasking in the moonlightWhat if you had tons of mirrors to reflect the moonlight into a smaller area, where you could enjoy the reflected light.... These people made it a reality!
December 11, 2007Cool VideosComplaint ChoirLike to hear people sing about things people complain about? Here's your choir!
December 10, 2007Cool VideosOctopus eating a sharkHmm....
December 10, 2007Cool VideosSmart Car CrashCrashing a car on purpose to test it's 'survivability'...
December 9, 2007Cool VideosOctopus escaping through a 1 inch holeThis is very cool...
December 9, 2007Cool VideosStop Motion Video EffectsThis video shows an example of stop motion video effects... about 5 minutes long, it takes a lot of editing to make this kind of video!
December 8, 2007Cool VideosJulian Beever Sidewalk Art VideoHow he does it! His Sidewalk art is amazing...
December 7, 2007Cool VideosThe Boy Who Sees Without EyesThis kid is totally blind, but he uses Echolocation about as well as Dolphins and Bats.... simply amazing how well his sense of hearing is.
December 6, 2007Cool VideosAmazing RC Helicopter FlyingThis guy is incredible, at first I thought it had a fake blade and they were controlling it like a string puppet, well worth watching!
December 6, 2007Cool VideosKids Ride A Zip Line To SchoolNow this is amazing, it does look like fun, maybe not for 7 year old kids though...
December 5, 2007Cool VideosWater power?Now THIS is very interesting... a water powered car, torch, and more?
December 5, 2007Cool VideosCard TrickPretty good, I wish I could do that...
December 4, 2007Cool VideosKinetic SculpturesPretty cool looking wind-driven sculptures...
December 3, 2007Cool VideosHydrofoil SurfboardLooks cool, from the video 'Step into Liquid'.
December 3, 2007Cool VideosAsteroid Deflection StrategiesA nice little video showing a couple scenarios for asteroid deflection... There is a 1 in 300 chance that in about 870 years that this one asteroid may stike the Earth... let's do something before it gets here to eliminate or reduce that.
December 3, 2007Cool VideosSalt Water as a fuel?Pretty cool fuel, we have lots of Salt Water all around us here in Hawaii...
December 2, 2007Cool VideosTipping PointFrom tipping dominoes to tipping cars...
December 1, 2007Cool VideosLaser Powered RC Plane - NasaPretty cool since it's supposed to only be powered via laser power... I don't know if that's real though, I suspect it may take more power that that laser they show in the clip to power it...
December 1, 2007Cool VideosPet Hip / Hip Hop / Hip Hop Anonymous?How would you like a pet Hippopotamus?
November 30, 2007Cool VideosTransformer Foldup CarThe Classic SciFi channel video clip... Very nice mass reduction on this foldup vehicle!
November 30, 2007Cool VideosBungee Base JumpingNow THIS looks fun!
November 29, 2007Cool VideosHigh Voltage Powerline InspectionAnd you thought your job was scary!
November 29, 2007Cool SitesSketchfu - Kid's PortraitOk, I've already included a link to Sketchfu before... But this drawing is REALLY GOOD!
November 29, 2007Cool VideosLong UFO Video ClipAre they out there....
November 28, 2007Cool VideosFunny Cat PicturesLots of pictures of cats...
November 27, 2007Cool VideosGhosts, Spirits, and Demons!!This is a collection of video clips someone has compiled... it's a bit spooky!
November 27, 2007Cool VideoseBay songThe song by Weird Al Yankovic... I spent a summer a couple years ago selling items on eBay and so this song touches that spot in my heart... :)
November 27, 2007Cool VideosFunny Commercials 2Since I did get a few positive comments about the other funny commercials, I thought I'd post the sequel...
November 26, 2007Cool VideosShards 'O Glass Freeze PopsWhat could be better than a nice frozen treat with shards of glass in them?
November 26, 2007Cool SitesInstructablesThis site has instructions on how to do all kinds of stuff, I've looked at lots of stuff on here...
November 25, 2007LocalWedding PhotographersHere is a local small business which does Wedding Photography.
November 25, 2007LocalInteractive Weather MapThis is a neat interactive weather map. It's using Microsoft's Live Maps, so it has the same resolution as my Satellite Map feature, which here on the Big Island is pretty good. You see mostly where it's really raining, like a Radar map.
November 24, 2007Cool VideosGoogle's 360 degree Camera Street View - VideoThis is a sample video clip of Google's 360 degree video camera system. While watching the video you can click and drag the mouse left and right to rotate your view 360 degrees. This is AWESOME!
November 24, 2007TechnicalGoogle's 360 degree Camera Street View - StoryThis story is about how Google is integrating 360 degree video clips into it's Google Maps.
November 23, 2007TechnicalCell Phone Tower LocationsFind out where Cell Phone towers are located...
November 22, 2007LocalAdvanced Wireless SystemsThis is one of the few providers of high speed internet access here on the Big Island providing service to those who can't get DSL or Cable. I use their service at my house, it works great. I may be biased since I did work for them for a couple years. Once you are on high-speed internet, you can't go back to Dial Up.
November 21, 2007FoodTofu TurkeyWell, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's a page full of Tofu Turkeys... No matter what you choose to eat this Thanksgiving, enjoy, have fun, live Aloha.
November 20, 2007GamesMemoryPlay a quick game of Memory, how many patterns can you remember?
November 19, 2007Cool VideosDon't Pee in the pool!Good for a quick laugh...
November 18, 2007Cool VideosRussian ClimbingThese guys are good!
November 18, 2007Cool VideosAnt Rescue MissionThese ants go through lots of work so save their friends!
November 17, 2007Cool Videos3D Street ArtMost people have seen this guy's work, but this is a nice collection of many of his chalk drawings at once...
November 17, 2007Cool VideosHuman Sling ShotI'd pay money to ride one of these!
November 16, 2007Cool VideosSpray Paint ArtworkI've watched several of these videos, he is an amazing artist, check out some of his other paintings. All done with spray paint VERY QUICKLY!
November 16, 2007Cool VideosFunny CommercialsMany people have seen one or more of these commercials, but there are seme good ones in there...
November 15, 2007Cool VideosChris Angel - Magicial - Pull ApartReal magic or some really good trick? I've watched quite a few of his shows, if it's not trick photography in the recording of the shows, I have no idea how he does most of it... I would love to see one of these live someday...
November 14, 2007Cool VideosCat's High Tech ToyI don't actually recommend this to my customers...
November 13, 2007Cool VideosWeird Al Yankovic - White and NerdyWas this song written about me?
November 12, 2007Cool VideosPaper Airplane InstructionsLooks like a neat airplane, I haven't tried it yet...
November 12, 2007ShoppingOne Laptop Per ChildThis site has a program where you buy two laptops, one you keep and one they give to a needy child in a third-world country. Good idea. Starts on November 12th.
November 11, 2007Cool VideosCoin DominoesA hated word 2/3 of the way through.... Earthquake!!!
November 11, 2007Cool VideosHuman Powered CarThe Human powered car...
November 10, 2007Cool VideosBreakdancingThese guys are very good at what they do...
November 9, 2007GamesHelicopterMy highest score so far is 840, can anyone beat me?
November 9, 2007Cool VideosAirin goes SkydivingThis clip is me going Skydiving in Jan 2007. It's awesome!
November 8, 2007Cool VideosSkydiving in formationThis looks very cool, I'd love to try this someday...
November 8, 2007Cool SitesLife HackerThis site has lots of cool info, mostly about handy web features. Lots of good stuff!
November 7, 2007TechnicalUSB MonitorHere is a monitor that also has a USB port. This allows ANY computer (running Windows XP, and, hopefully soon, Vista) to use multiple monitors without an additional graphics card. Pretty Cool!
November 7, 2007Cool VideosTêtes à claquesVery strange video clips (mostly because I don't understand French). Seems to be very popular online so I thought you might find it entertaining.
November 7, 2007Cool VideosPowers of 10 - Zoom inVery cool video showing a zoom from the whole galaxy to an electron.
November 6, 2007LocalBad news day for KHONHow many technical difficulties can you have during one newscast? Quite a few, apparently...
November 5, 2007Cool VideosWhat happens to a CPU without a heatsinkThis shows that cooling is very important in a computer. Without the heatsink, these computers fail in a few seconds (fail? they practically explode!).
November 4, 2007Cool VideosFlash MobsNow this is interesting, what can large groups of people do...
November 4, 2007InterestingKivaThis is an interesting site. If you have some money you would be willing to LOAN out to needy people (mostly in poorer nations than ours) to help them succeed, this site lets you do that. I would consider it MUCH better than donating to any charity.
November 3, 2007TravelPrivate IslandsPrivate islands for sale, rent, etc. Out of my budget, but fun to look at...
November 3, 2007LocalCraigslist - Big IslandThis is the local version of Craigslist. All kinds of classifieds...
November 2, 2007TechnicalZamZarThis site lets you convert files to and from many different types. I used it to convert MS Word 2007 .docx to .doc and it worked great.
November 2, 2007ShoppingInverters R UsThese people sell Inverters, they even have good Full Sine Wave Inverters (the best kind). They also sell the 'Kill A Watt Meter', which lets you find out how much power AC devices take (I keep one at my shop for testing power usage of computers).
November 1, 2007ShoppingInstasongThis site creates a mp3 file (which you can e-mail or burn to CD) with a customized song to fit your needs... I've made a few birthday songs and a general holiday song. None of which will hit the top 100, but everyone does enjoy them. Lots of fun! Plus, you can buy a pack of them and use them at your leisure.
October 31, 2007ShoppingOfficeMax Hilo - SpecialsMany times this page is blank, but sometimes they do have their specials displayed...
October 30, 2007ShoppingK&J MagneticsMagnets are fun!
October 30, 2007ShoppingHennessy HammocksWhen nothing but the best will work... I've heard some stories that these are the top of the line Hammocks for sale, I want one myself. I used to sleep in a Hammock, it was fun, maybe I should retrofit my house to fit one...
October 29, 2007LocalYahoo Movies - Hilo TheatersThis shows what movies are playing locally in Hilo. The Kress theater has very cheap tickets at a buck or less.
October 28, 2007Cool FlashSimple GameA simple game... uh huh....
October 28, 2007Cool FlashHand-Eye Coordination TestPG13! How good are you with a mouse?
October 27, 2007Cool FlashPsychic Computer!Is the computer really psychic? Can you figure it out?
October 27, 2007TechnicalPerfect Paper PasswordsSteve Gibson's implementation of secure remote authentication. Looks like a great system. I listen to all of their Security Now podcasts, if you are interested in computer security, they are the best.
October 27, 2007TechnicalUbuntu LinuxUbuntu is a nice version of Linux, very easy to use, works with most hardware, there is a Live CD you can try out.
October 26, 2007TechnicalSlashdotNews for nerds, news that matters! Great news site for everything Scientific or Technical. I get their daily E-Mails, I recommend it!
October 26, 2007Cool FlashMonitor CleanerMy monitor is now squeaky clean!
October 25, 2007Cool LinksSecure Home For SaleVery nice underground home, this home should last a long time.
October 25, 2007Online GamesMazeHere's a fun little maze, no matter how hard I try, I just can't beat the 4th level. Oh well. If anyone else beats it, can you send me a screenshot?
October 25, 2007Cool VideosFire TornadoThat's a neat video clip...
October 24, 2007WebsitesDreamHostThis is the host I am using for most of my domains. Very affordable, tons of space, the best control panel I've found so far, only one problem so far and they fixed it right away.
October 23, 2007Cool sitesFree RiceFor every correct answer you get, they donate some rice to needy people...
October 23, 2007Cool VideosCrazy Japanese TelevisionA lizard chasing and scaring some people, quite... different... :)
October 22, 2007Cool sitesWikipedia: CoolnessMore about 'Cool', from all over the world...
October 22, 2007Cool VideosJuggling VideoThis guy is VERY good. Watch to the end, the last few seconds have an amazing show!
October 22, 2007Shopping1 Sale a DayThis site sells one, and only one, item everyday.... Some times there are great deals!
October 21, 2007LocalWiki Wiki VideoThis local store (based in Hilo) does what Netflix does, they can mail your videos to you. Or you can drop by the store and pick them up. Good prices, nice selection. I haven't tried them, but I may if I need this kind of service in the future.
October 20, 2007SoftwareNetwork MagicThis program makes it easy to manage network settings. The free version is fine for most people. I don't use it myself, but have heard good things about it.
October 19, 2007GamesMarblesA fun little game... requires Java to run.
October 18, 2007Cool VideosPowers of 10This video shows the relative size of us compared to the planet, and our planet to the universe... Everyone should see this at least once. What did they say on the movie Contact, something like "If there isn't any other life out there, it's an awful waste of space".
October 18, 2007Cool SitesMega Penny ProjectI have created a similar penny block, 4x4x48. It's a cube that's about 3 inches wide, 768 pennies. Come see it in my shop!
October 18, 2007LocalWilly's WoodThis is one of my customers, he does some very nice work. I love my Koa pepper-grinder!
October 17, 2007Cool SitesBloody Finger MailThis site is perfect for sending a nice little message to that special someone... You can draw a message and e-mail it, in blood!
October 17, 2007ShoppingMcGills WarehouseThis site sells mostly art and hobby supplies, mostly stained glass. They also sell misc other stuff from Kites to Pad locks to glass marbles.
October 16, 2007Cool SitesHuman ClockAnd how could my list of cool sites be complete without pictures of people with WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands... (I would hate to say how much time I've spend looking at them though....)
October 16, 2007ShoppingWoot!This webstore sells (mostly) one product every day. Some of their sales are really good deals. Their shipping to the 48 states is very cheap, I haven't yet tried to order from here in Hawaii...
October 16, 2007Cool SitesSketchFu - Online Drawing WebsiteThis site allows anyone to do some basic drawing online, and share it with the world. Some people have created some amazing pictures with it. I've used it to draw a quick sketch and send it to someone, it's a great service.
October 15, 2007ShoppingInventistOK, so this might belong in the Cool Sites category... Some cool devices, I don't know how well they really work, but they look like fun.
October 15, 2007ShoppingSlickDealsThis is one of many sites which make it easy to see what stores (retail and online) are having deals on stuff. The primary focus is computers and electronics, but they include all kinds of other stuff.
October 14, 2007Computer HelpPractically NetworkedThis site helps walk you through many networking issues that people have. There is a ton of information here, I refer to it now and then myself.
October 14, 2007Cool VideosKenichi Ebina: Hip-hop dance and a little magicThis video clip is pretty cool, this person is very good at what he does.
October 13, 2007LocalEden Roc EstatesThis is the website for Eden Roc Estates, a subdivision located in Mountain View. This is also the subdivision where I live.
October 13, 2007LocalUniversoulightformsAnother business I am a partner of, we create artwork from Fractals.
October 12, 2007LocalHawaii Lava Flow InformationThis site has lots of information and photos of the lava flows here on the Big Island of Hawaii.
October 12, 2007SoftwareFileHippoThe best site I've found for downloading free software. You can enable the Freeware filter to block the few shareware programs they do have. It is possible to run a computer with all free software, but I do prefer Windows XP for my operating system. Otherwise, most programs I use are free.
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