This is my old version of my website. I am now adding new content only to my new website, this is only an archived version of my old site for reference only. Click here to visit my new website.

  On this page I will be showing some online file every day. Usually this will be an interesting, funny, or otherwise cool image, photo, or flash animation/game. Note that most of these are NOT HOSTED BY ME, I only link to them. If the server that hosts it goes offline or removes or changes the file then it may not work as intended. If you notice something wrong, let me know and I'll fix it. Enjoy!

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2008-11-17 -


2008-11-16 -


2008-11-15 -

Mountain Goats?

2008-11-14 -
How did you get there?

The Truth

2008-11-13 -


2008-11-12 -
This looks like fun, would you do this? Can you smell the ozone from here?

Twist Chair

2008-06-02 -

Laptop is popular with the locals

2008-06-01 -


2008-05-31 -

2008-05-30 -

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