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  On this page I will tell a bit more about me. First, here is more information about my computer.

My main computer is my HP Laptop. It is a Pavilion DV6363us. It has an AMD Dual Core 2.0 Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, and 160 GB Hard Drive. It has a 15.4" LCD Screen, and at my house and shop I plug it into a 17" LCD Monitor to use 2 screens. I usually keep my web browser open on the external 17" LCD and my e-mail and other programs on the laptop LCD. I use Windows XP Professional as my operating system.

I use TrueCrypt to create a large encrypted volume on my laptop. I use the add-on TCGina which actually puts my entire Windows Profile on the Encrypted drive, so my Desktop, My Documents, E-Mail, temporary files, etc, are all located on the encrypted drive. This means that if someone stole my laptop, they can't get to my data. My password is well over 20 characters long, pretty much impossible to guess. I also back up my laptop weekly AT LEAST, usually more often. I love magnets, I have lots of them. Most of them come from dead hard drives. Many of those drives had important data which was lost when the drive failed. Backup your important data regularly!

Here is a list of programs I currently have installed on my laptop. I will add more as I install more. Most of these programs are free, I will make a note of the exceptions.

7-Zip - Great free compression program, much better than WinZip!

Adobe Reader - Adobe's free PDF Reader. Very handy, I seem to have to read a PDF every couple days. The older version of this program used to be so slow that I used to use FoxitReader, but Adobe's Reader now seems to be fast enough. I usually disable the browser plugins so that if I click a PDF while on the internet it downloads it to my computer and I can open when I want instead of it freezing my browser while it loads and sometimes crashing my browser altogether.

AVG AntiVirus - Great free anti-virus program. I recommend the free version compared to the paid versions. I generally dislike programs which do everything together because they usually have lots of bloat. The paid version uses a LOT more memory than the free version (probably due to it's integrated Firewall, anti-spyware, spam, etc).

Google Earth - Google's great globe program that lets you zoom in and see satellite photos. Great for everywhere in the world except for the Big Island of Hawaii, where Microsoft's maps (or Virtual Earth) have much better resolution. Installed with Google Updater.

Google Photo Screensaver - You can select images on your computer or online to be shown for your screensaver. Installed with Google Updater.

Google Talk - My chat program of choice. Installed with Google Updater.

Google Updater / Google Pack - 'Installed from Google Pack' - This is where to install all these programs easily.

Hamachi - Virtual VPN software, computer to computer instead of network to network. Great for remotely accessing computer systems securely. I have about half a dozen different networks on my list, including mine and some for businesses that I need remote control software for. Use with UltraVNC for easy remote access!

ImgBurn - Great program to read/write/burn ISO images. You can use it to burn CD's and DVD's, copy non-protected disc's, etc. Free, it works great, and I like it!

K-Lite Codec Pack - This installs many video player codecs for you so you can play most of those video files that people e-mail to you. Also includes Media Player Classic which is my video player of choice, it can even play DVD's!

Karen's Power Tools - I use her Replicator program for quick backups. You set a source and destination and it copies files between them as you speficy.

Microsoft Office 2007 - This one is not free, but it still useful. As much as I like free software, I have yet to find a great replacement for Microsoft Publisher. Let me know if you find one. I subscribe to the Microsoft Action Pack, it's $400 but gives you 10 copies of most of Microsoft's programs, it's designed for small businesses like mine. This way I get 10 copies of Office 2007 Enterprise so I can have it on all my computers.

Mozilla Firefox - My favorite Web Browser. I am currently running 2.0.11 as I write this (2007-12-24), I'm not sure if the 3.0 Beta is good enough to use yet. If you still use Internet Exploder, you have to try Firefox! Installed with Google Updater.

Mozilla Thunderbird - My favorite E-Mail Client. This is where I deal with all the e-mail I receive. I filter all of my e-mail through GMail first to get rid of the SPAM (and it DOES WORK VERY WELL!).

Notepad++ - This program is my notepad replacement, it is what I am using for website development (ASP and PHP coding). I like it!

Picasa 2 - An easy photo management application, works great, great for simple edits, e-mailing pictures, etc. Installed with Google Updater.

Quickbooks - One of the best known accounting software programs out there, it definitely does everything, 99.9% of it I don't know how to do. Too bad it's not free, oh well, you could try GnuCash (I haven't tried it yet so no idea how it works).

RealPlayer - I usually don't install this, but decided I should have it installed just in case I do need it. Besides, it was Installed with Google Updater.

Recuva - This free program lets you recover deleted files. I haven't used it much yet.

RocketDock - I use this, I have it set to operate on the left-hand side of my laptop screen, easy one click access to launching programs.

Skype - My VOIP program of choice, use it to make cheap long distance calls over the Internet. Or free calls to another person who is using Skype. While in a call, you can adjust your Volume Control settings under Recording to change the input device to Stereo Mixer, then you can play a song on your computer and the other person hears it with about as good quality as a telephone connection supports. I use it to play the song "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer" while talking to my grandma, as I do every Christmas (don't ask).

Stardock ObjectDock - This program is similar to RocketDock, but it has some more settings. I use it on the bottom of my external LCD monitor and have it set to only show my currently running programs. This way I can move the mouse to the bottom of my 2nd monitor and still see my currently running programs and switch between them. It saves me a little time every time I use it, it works pretty good, although I'd prefer a program which looks more like the Windows Taskbar, as long as it can be set to AutoHide. If you know of a program that does this, let me know!

TrueCrypt - My favorite encryption program. I also use the plugin TCGina to encrypt my entire Windows Profile. If your data is encrypted with this, without knowing the password to your volume it is feasably impossible for anyone to get your data. For me this program is necessary to make sure that my clients information is protected.

UltraVNC - My remote control program of choice. You can install this on a computer, set the Server so it's running and set a password. Then other computers on the same network can login to it and control it's keyboard and mouse and see the screen if they have the password. You can also transfer files back and forth. And if you forward ports or use Hamachi, you can access it from anywhere on the Internet. Very handy.

This list of programs is what I have installed right now, but I just started using this computer last week, I'm still getting things installed. I'll update this now and then as I install more programs. As I write this it is Christmas Eve, 2007. Happy Holidays everyone.

More about Airin... Lets see, I was born here in Hawaii, out in Fern Acres, in December of 1980. A few years later we moved to Idaho, and I didn't return to Hawaii until the end of 1995. Since then I've gone back to Idaho quite a few times, I have lots of family back there. But the winter does chase me away, I've decided I don't want to live where you have lots of temperatures below freezing, it's just not that much fun. And 25 degrees below zero and 6 feet of snow was standard where I lived, I've had enough of that.

I spent a couple years recently working for Advanced Wireless Systems, but recently I decided to open up my own computer repair shop. I opened my shop in late May of 2007, and the rest is history.

Earlier this year my step-dad took myself, my brother Ty, and my sister Rhea on a 5 week trip to New Zealand and a 5 week trip to Australia. This was my first time out of the country except for a couple quick trips to Canada before. We had a lot of fun there, and I would like to travel a bit more.

I own a couple lots in Eden Roc, but I'm not living there yet. And from what I've seen so far, working this computer shop, I'll never be able to afford to build a house, I'm lucky to break even with bills. Only a few months until my current contract is up, I'm not sure if I'm going to be renewing it. We shall see.

Not much more to add right now, to be continued. This was all written on 2007-12-24. Aloha! --Airin--

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