This is my old version of my website. I am now adding new content only to my new website, this is only an archived version of my old site for reference only. Click here to visit my new website.

  Update 2009-01-25: I am travelling again, I will be gone until April. If you want to see my public pictures as I publish them, Click Here. While I am gone, my internet connection is erratic. Some days it works great, sometimes I can go a week without internet. My ability to answer voicemails is dependant upon my internet connection, and so it may take awhile. Email is better, since I can respond anytime I get online, for me to call you back my internet has to be working during daytime hours in Hawaii, many times it is not...

Update 2008-04-03: Satellite Maps - My maps are now optimized for the new Google Imagery here in Hawaii...
Update 2008-01-22: Pic of the day - Here I post a funny, neat, or just plain cool picture every day.
Update 2007-12-28: Have fun defacing my website... check out the UFO and Zeppelin ones...
Update 2007-12-24: About Airin - More about Airin, my computer's specs, the programs I run, etc.
Update 2007-11-28: Chat - We can chat online, you and me, via this page...

Aloha everyone, my name is Airin and I've opened a computer repair shop here in Mountain View, Hawaii (click for a map). The menus at the top of the page have links to more information, for more info about out store office hours, services, etc, move your mouse over 'Store Info' to read more.

Here are some links to other sites important to us here in Puna: Eden Roc Estates, Fern Acres Community Association, Puna Lava Map.

Click for a printable version of my card.

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